About Human Resource Dept. of New England

Human Resources TeamHuman Resource Dept. provides comprehensive, flexible and cost effective Human Resource solutions. We can be your HR expert – on call when you need it, providing pro-active management to get ahead of all your HR issues. We answer all your questions, such as:

  • How much should I pay my employees?
  • How can I recruit and retain high quality employees?
  • What kind of benefits should I provide?
  • Am I complying with all government laws and regulations?
  • What kind of professional training programs do I need?

A business is only as good as the people it employs. In today’s competitive climate, the companies that grow the fastest and succeed the most are often those with the best qualified and the best trained personnel. The human resource function is vital to the well-being, growth and profitability of any company. Yet for most small and medium sized companies, the costs of a complete personnel/human resources staff are prohibitive, however they need the services that a Human Resource Department provides. The solution? Human Resource Dept.

Human Resource Dept. can provide you with a full range of human resource related services at a fraction of the price to staff a full human resource department. The goal of Human Resource Dept. is to help you control employee related costs, increase productivity, meet government regulations, and fashion a professional human resource structure to support your growth and long term profitability.

Human Resource Dept. offers different plans with total flexibility. You can use the full scope of our human resource services or a comprehensive range of consultative services for special projects such as the development of a personnel policy manual or a wage and salary program. Each plan is designed to work within your budget, and meet your individualized human resource needs.

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